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Chiarlone Officine: 60 years of history

Chiarlone Officine has a history of people, projects and ideas that has helped it to acquire expertise and to specialise in the construction of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic implements and line systems.

The company was originally established in Alba by Mr Fedele Chiarlone over six decades ago in 1948. It was then managed by his son Giovanni and is currently run by his three grandchildren Mariella, Fabrizio and Davide, who have a very dynamic and competitive approach.

Chiarlone Officine has never slowed down over the years and is constantly on the lookout for new markets: it has always known how to take on new projects and open itself to new horizons in terms of both sales and production, without ever losing its character as a "family run" company which has made it what it is today.

The company has, however, been through several transformations: it was a private company until 1994 when it became a general partnership, and was then made a limited company in 2004. Chiarlone Officine is situated in Corneliano d'Alba.

Chiarlone Officine currently works in the following sectors:

The design and construction of special systems, automated packaging islands, and mechanical overhaul and improvement work in the various production departments.
Over the past twenty years or more we have been a leading supplier for the most important confectionery company in Italy, known for selecting its suppliers according to the strictest of criteria.
Constant technical innovation, quality, competitive prices, and our flexible support for this important customer have enabled us to more than live up to expectations.

The design and construction of automatic and semi-automatic systems for the assembly and/or the production of the parts of cars, specialising in particular in the construction and marketing, in Italy and abroad, of universal test benches for testing automatic gears, power assisted steering boxes and hydraulic pumps. We have a catalogue that describes all these benches.

“Chiarlone Aeronautical” is a department of Chiarlone Officine which, over the past 40 years or so, has specialised in the design and construction of aeronautical ground support equipment for civil and military aviation. It is present in Italy and abroad.